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Almost every page of Christopher Peppler’s new work Truth is The Word is a cloudburst so pure, so true, so clear that the life-giving…
Jimmy Doe Dean of Drew Theological School at George Fox University, USA
…Dr. Peppler is passionate about Jesus and desires to make him central in both the life of the Christian and the Church…
Christ-centred’ is no mere slogan for the author; it is the core truth by which he lives his life, reads his Bible, and leads his church.
Kevin Smith Vice principal of the South African Theological Seminary (SATS)

What you will learn in this book.

The author’s first objective in writing this book is to convince the reader that Jesus Christ is the source of truth.

In this sense, truth is not merely a philosophical concept: it is deeply personal. In himself, Jesus embodies truth and is the seminal source of what is true. The apostle John wrote that the “Word” incarnated into the human race and lived for a while on earth, full of “grace and truth” (John 1:14).

  • The relationship between the Bible and truth
  • How knowledge transforms into truth
  • A fresh yet age-old set of interpretive principles

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Who should read this book?

Truth is The Word is aimed at Christians of all denominations and theological persuasions, particularly pastors, elders and other church leaders.

Easy to read and theologically rich, the book touches on many of the keenly debated doctrinal issues of today 


A word from the Author

We are living in interesting times. Technological development is running rampant. Violence, crime, political corruption, disease, and poverty stalk the planet like demonic predators. Yet, in the face of so much turmoil, the church of the Lord Jesus Christ is alive with possibility. Revival is in the air once again: revival, reformation, and restoration. In an age of relativity and personal preference, the Holy Spirit is inexorably prompting and urging us back to the truth. I feel a deep personal call to participate in this restoration of truth. This book is part of my spiritual journey and I invite you to walk with me through its pages.

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