Book Reviews

Dr Leonard Sweet
Dean of Drew Theological School at George Fox University, USA

“Almost every page of Christopher Peppler’s new work Truth is The Word is a cloudburst so pure, so true, so clear that the life-giving run-off won’t come horizontally, but vertically from refreshed roots deep underground.” Read the full review →

Kerry Botha
Village Church congregant

“Dr. Peppler is passionate about Jesus and desires to make him central in both the life of the Christian and the Church.” Read the full review →

Kevin Smith
Vice principal of the South African Theological Seminary (SATS)

“‘Christ-centred’ is no mere slogan for the author; it is the core truth by which he lives his life, reads his Bible, and leads his church.” Read the full review →

Michael Smith
Village Church Congregant

“What is Truth? Generations have been wrestling with this question for over 2000 years. In his recently revised edition Truth is The Word Dr Christopher Peppler makes a valuable contribution to the current generation’s Christian debate.” Read the full review →