What you will Learn in this Book

The author’s first objective in writing this book is to convince the reader that Jesus Christ is the source of truth. In this sense, truth is not merely a philosophical concept: it is deeply personal. In himself, Jesus embodies truth and is the seminal source of what is true. The apostle John wrote that the “Word” incarnated into the human race and lived for a while on earth, full of “grace and truth” (John 1:14). “Word” here does not signify the Bible; it signifies Jesus Christ. Although the Bible is inspired, authoritative, and reliable, it still functions in a secondary capacity to point us to him who is in himself the truth – Jesus.

A second objective of this book is to present Jesus as the chief interpreter of the Bible. His life, teaching and character provide a lens through which the scriptures should be read and understood.

A secondary objective of this book is to challenge the reader to rethink some of their underlying assumptions – goading some of the ‘sacred cows’ of the conservative Christian Faith in order to stimulate thinking and, ultimately, strengthen faith.

In is book you will discover:

  • How you have arrived at your assumptions and mindset
  • How knowledge transforms into truth
  • The relationship between the Bible and truth
  • The real source of truth
  • How historic ways of interpreting the Bible have formed our modern options
  • How to discern the dimensions of meaning in the biblical text
  • A fresh yet age-old set of interpretive principles
  • How to understand the Bible from a Jesus-centred perspective