Truth is The Word Lecture Series

Dr Peppler has compiled a lecture series covering the four crucial themes of the book, namely:

The Bible and truth

Basic to the Christian worldview is the relationship of the Bible to truth and an understanding of it as an expression of the Word of God. Is the Bible a spiritual source book, simply a product of the culture of its time, or so much more? How we understand the truth content of the Bible has important and pervasive implications for the way we live, do theology, and conduct ourselves as the body of Christ.

Jesus as the source of truth

Our thoughts and experiences are not the source of truth. Neither are books presenting the ideas and experiences of others. Not even the Bible in itself is the source of truth, the Lord Jesus is. The Bible is the instrument by which the Holy Spirit makes Jesus known, but the ultimate source of truth is Jesus.

Christocentricty and the christocentric principle of biblical interpretation

Christocentricity describes a focus on the Lord Jesus Christ as the key figure and central focus of creation, history and the Bible. It involves honouring Him as the prime revelation of the Godhead. The christocentric principle is a way of understanding the scriptures primarily from the perspective of what Jesus said and did and what He reveals concerning the nature, character, principles, and priorities of the Godhead. The Christocentric principle provides a yardstick for understanding the Bible.

Encountering Jesus in the Bible

Jesus is the incarnate and living Word of God. The Bible is the written Word of God. While we can ‘read’ the Bible, we cannot ‘see’ Jesus other than with the eyes of faith. How do we then encounter the Lord Jesus Christ, the living Word, through the scriptures? We do so by applying the spiritual disciplines taught by the church over the ages. As we meditate on the biblical narratives of Jesus’ life and teaching He becomes real and immediate and we encounter Him in a life-transforming way.

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